Tournament status information:

Bridge+More offers unique features to make sure you have both full control and full insight into a tournament’s process and status.

We have put emphasis into these features as it make the handling of a tournament so much easier and gives a never before seen freedom to club managers as they can follow the status remotely or from several simultaneous tournaments at the same time.

The same features gives us the best in class support opportunities

Hardware status:

Session Management is a unique real time overview of not only the dealers, tablets both also the game.

Below is an example with one dealer for illustration. Status on batteries (68% on the tablet and 90.2% on the dealer at table 1) and game status is shown including information and errors – At table 1 for example no errors

sess man small

If the chargers is connected the bar is green for either the tablet or the dealer (or both)

session breaks batt

If you click at a line in the above overview you will it changes color to blue and see several technical details can be seen below at the left – further details see here

Game status:

The dealer also shows a game status in real time – you can see the following information:

  • Table number
  • Board number being played right now (if a board have been finished with an “Accept” then next board is shown
  • Board state right now (for example Ready and Finished)
  • Pair numbers currently playing at the table – First number mention is seated NS, second pair EW

You can also see a status of the dealer current status (process) – for example the illustration  above shows INSERTDECK – which are the same as the tablet shows “Please insert cards”

The dealer status also shows eventual errors – please notice an error does not have to be anything but an information

  • Like Error 3 (insert cards) and Error 6 (take cards) (these informative error codes is shown in yellow and error codes is shown in red)

Further details about error codes can be found here