How to understand the results at a Reference tournament


Reference tournament results – see more here or below

The results of the boards are displayed almost as usually.


  • The frequency table is taken from the reference tournament.
  • The “Point” column is scored with the frequency table from the reference tournament as basis.
  • Bid sequence can be seen also for reference tables
  • Card by card history can be seen also for reference tables

The scoring is either computed as if all or each individual pair/table was competing in the reference tournament – see option below (during tournament set-up)

Option 2 – means that the number of tables in the reference tournament is only increased by one – regardless of the number of tables in our small tournament.

This can be illustrated by this example

ref. example2

Here the East-West pairs has out competed all the pairs in the reference tournament, each scoring a top (North-South getting the bottom). It does not matter that one East-West pair actually did better than the other pair. They each get the equivalent of 100%.

The total scoring is also adjusted so it shows the sum of the individual boards.

ref. example3

Please notice, if you want to play an IMP tournament against reference tables, this can easily be done. You just select IMP scoring – and the reference tournament will be recalculated, using the IMP form you choose.

Therefore, if you want to play a tournament using Butler scoring. You select “reference tournament”, and when it comes to the “scoring options” – you select Scoring Type = IMPS, and IMPS type = Butler.