Enter Game Details on Tablet

When playing a Bridge+More game, you’ll have to enter the game details and have the opportunity to see your results during and after the game.

Just follow the easy and simple instructions and registration on the tablet.

Before playing a board

  • It can be useful to name the players. Click here for a guide.
  • Enter the final contract or full bidding sequence on the tablet
  • Enter the opening led – if selected (optional)
  • Play the hands

After playing the board

  • Enter the total number of tricks
  • If the final contract, lead card (optional), or the number of tricks have been not entered incorrectly, just click ‘Edit’, and correct the results.
  • If you believe the result details are correct then move the tablet to East for East to Accept the game details.
  • When Accept has been pressed the tablet will show further game details – which you can see on the next First use guide. Here you can see results, card distribution, and double dummy and HCP details as well
  • You can also after Accept has the logic of the entered details checked – Leas card Check and Suspicious Result. The two logical checks are optional and selected during tournament creation – you can see more on both in the next First use guide

After playing all boards

  • When you have played all planned boards, the tablet will instead present you with a session overview and end the game in accordance with the chosen exit option. Click here for more details.
  • The results during the game and after the game can also be found and studied on the server. Click here for a guide.
  • The results during the game can also be presented by our intelligent real-time monitor. Click here for a guide.