Restore of the Bridge+More tablet app – on Huawei tablets:

If you for same reason:

  • Have deleted the apps
  • Have set your tablet to default
  • Other reasons

need to have the Bridge+More applications restored you can do as follow

  • When the tablet starts again there will be no Bridge+More applications on it
  • Find the settings icon
  • Make sure the tablet is on Wi-Fi – read more here.
  • Find the icon icon for the Chrome browser.
  • Key in the following address –
  • In the menu – see red box in the picture

  • Select “About” in the menu
  • Gp to the buttom of the page and find “here”
  • Click at ”here”
  • You will open a list of programs
  • Find the relevant app – click on download – select ”direct download
  • Accepter name and accept folder (linie 2): Download
  • Click at download
  • Click at OK – then this file is downloaded. Repeat for each file

Now we will leave the browser and file list – click at the the round icon at the bottom (or button in the middle on a Samsung)

  • Find the ”files” icon
  • Select “Local”
  • Select “Internal storage”
  • Select “Download”
  • Find the file you want to install and install it – see instructions here or follow the pictures below