How to understand your bridge cards – Card by Card history – Play Sequence – Information:

Looking at the cards the yellow color shows the wining card (Ace of Clubs).

The dotted line illustrated the first card played (2 of Clubs).

Here all 13 bridge card have been registered – the play sequence have been kept by the players. Please notice the order the players insert their cards back in the Bridge+More dealer is not relevant.


Below you can see an illustration of a Claim (after 5 card)


Below you can see an illustration of a registration of the Opening Lead / Card which is not aligned with our registration.


Please notice that the availability of both Board and Card by Card details is controlled by two factors:

  • 1. Have all tables finished playing the Board  – then the details is shown
  • 2. Access Rights of the person whose access is used to present the tournament – Certain administrator rights can open up for the presentation of certain details.