Information codes and errors codes:

The term “code” is a broad term for both action needed to be taken, action for the players to do – and for software and mechanical issues which are easy to handle and also for those issues which are not easy to handle and require our support.

Information and error codes will (can) both be show both on the tablet (will depend on the selected option for tournament – see below), on the dealer and on our web site in the session management area

Session Management:

Under “Admin”, click the name of a tournament to get this list:

Then click “Game live” button to open session management. In Session Management look for the errors at the right part of the screen – for example as shown here – “No Error” – on the line (table 1 (T1)

If you experience an information or error code it will be shown on the dealer with a number and if an error code the “Error” LEDs (red) will also be turned on.

The information code or error code be shown in the icon at top right

or in the info bar area

or at the lower part of the screen – for example

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If you click the the icon or “Click here for help” button as shown you will find an instruction – for example

Information and errors codes – General errors:

You can read more about error codes, error handling and how to avoid errors below: