Can you tell me the Bridge+More Case 2 specifications and weight ?


Bridge+More Case 2 specifications and weight

Weight – 4.200 grams

Solution and Case 2 – 10.116 grams

Size – 425 * 505 * 190 millimeters

Please notice as illustrated there is room for four decks  of cards – there is an option to take out pre-cut) which makes space for four of our special dual card  foam deck cases (the case also ensures you have removed the jokers because if not you cannot close the box)

Please read:

Please also notice this case has cut-outs for 7 and 8″ tablets (8″ remove some pre-cut foam). We can deliver a similar but bigger case with cut-outs for 10″ tablets but due to the size of the narrow side of the tablet, this case 2 version is substantially bigger (the height).

Weight – 4.300 grams

Solution and Case 2 – 10.600 grams

Size – 425 * 505 * 225 millimeters

At the left you can see our insert for the two solution case if to be used with only one B+M solution – this insert to be bought separately

This additional separate insert is shown next to the included insert to be placed between two solutions

You can see our case range below