How to add a new user / player to the bridge club player database? – and who can do it?


Go to “Admin” – select “User” at the menu at left and then select “Create New User”

(please consider to use the search function first to check if the user / player already have been registered)

You create a bridge club user by entered the information in the follow tabs

bridge club

Please remember to select the relevant club(-s) for the new club member and select access rights (tab 5) – and repeat the selection of clubs and access rights if the player is a member of more than one club.

We also give you an option to add (import) a database with you users – please see here

Who can add a user:

Only the administrator(s) of the relevant clubs can add a new user / player.

If the player have been registered before – or rather the email are already used – the the administrator will be told. If the player is already a member of the club the administrator have an option to edit as shown below. If no edit option then use another email when creating or ask us to add.


Please notice – you don’t need to register a user for a participant to play in a game

Go to the “Players” (under “Admin” and then select tournament – click the “Players” box)

Use the magnifying glass to select a registered bridge club user (whom will be able to login and see his/her results)

or simply enter a name to be shown by clicking the pencil and enter a name (no login and login can’t be added after (by adding the user and changing the name) the bridge club’s tournament have been finished (but before or during the tournament))

bridge club