How to control when the inserted next deck of cards is ejected?


Dealer / tablet handling:

To ensure the optimal flow of the game for you – you can during tournament setup you can choose between several options for when the cards are ejected – see the bottom part of the picture below

If you do not have a checkmark in the picture above – you have selected the tablet to control the card eject process – no cards are ejected before Accept has been clicked on the tablet’s board approval screen

If you select- by having a checkmark in the picture above – the dealer to control AND you have not finalized the approval process on the tablet’s Accept screen  – then the players control the card eject by their card handling as cards are ejected after the cards insert / lid mount (first hand of ejected cards taken by a player after the prev. board has been inserted).

The above principles can be different at the first round of a game or a new round – see here

Notice that the dealer’s display will (always) show the board number of the cards in the player’s hands.

If the approval of a board on the tablet is behind – then the tablet will be showing a yellow board number and the dealer will blink the LEDs (NSEW) until the approval has been done and the tablet and dealer are on the same board. The tablet will not show the bid screen before all cards ejected have been taken.

If the approval of the board on the tablet is behind with more than one board no further cards will be ejected until registration has been done for the first of the two boards not yet registered.