How to control the start of the bridge tournament?

How to manage the start of the tournament. Especially when you wonder why the bridge dealer have not ejected the hands – How to get the cards out to start the first board?


It’s easy – you just need to eject the card manually.

Why manually is eject required – This is because you have chosen the manual eject option when you created the bridge tournament

(Requires browser access to

Go to “Admin” – then select the relevant bridge tournament

Select Live here if you have clicked the wanted tournament – or click “Live” at the wanted tournament in the list of tournament

Go here (at the left at the bottom of the screen)

Click the small box at Round 1 (the first board)  – and click for each of the rounds you want to come out automatically

The eject option – when creating the tournament – is selected here

Why have we made it like this ? To offer a unique way to manage large tournaments – see video here