How to control the bridge tournament start ?

How to manage the start of the tournament. Why does the bridge tournament not start – I can’t get the cards out to start the first board?


It’s easy – you just need to start the card eject manually.

This is because you chose the manual eject option when you created the

bridge tournament

(Requires browser access to

Go to “Admin” – then select the relevant bridge tournament

Select Live here if you have clicked the wanted tournament – or click “Live” at the wanted tournament in the list of tournament


Go here (at the left at the bottom of the screen)

session start

Click the small box at Board 1 – and for each of the boards you want to come out automatically

After first round (here board 4) you have to do it again – or do it now (you can add when you want to control when or if clicked in advance to leave the eject to the players card handling)

The eject option is selected here

Why have we made it like this ?

To offer a unique way to manage large tournaments – see video here