1.02 Our guiding principles & guidelines – Game Flow

Principles Game Flow

A tournament is set up via a browser access to the B+M cloud based server. Players are also selected via a browser access to the B+M cloud based server or at the tablet before the game start (or during the game).

How to set up the Tournament and the Players please see ” Guide Handling and Playing a tournament”.

When a Tournament have been created  the tournament must be selected on the tablet. How to set up the tablet and B+M Dealer and select a tournament please see ” Guide to Handling and playing on the tablet”

Principles – Playing

The tablet receives the game instructions and sends the card dealing information to the B+M Dealer.

One player (North) at each table handles the game at the tablet– among other things he/she handles the entering / selection of player, bid/contract sequence, opening lead and the game results / details. A person from the other pair must accept the board details before the results are calculated.

The B+M dealer also records a number of details about each game including card by card information (if they are not shuffled).The dealer then sends this information to the tablet, whereupon the tablet sends the card by card information as well as the other information recorded / logged on the tablet to the server – in real time.

Via browser access you and others with access (also remotely) can see both status and results in real time.