Results presentations – Pairs:

Your Bridge+More solution gives you an easy access to result and advanced information about tournaments you have played.

Please notice to access the presentation of results you need to login at – and to be able to login you will need to be a registered user or have open login information

Results are presented in real time – please notice not before all tables have finished a round can you see the updated results – but immediately hereafter you will be able to see the updated results.

Notice, if you try to select the presentation of results from boards or rounds not played yet you are welcome – but we keep the information hidden until we should present it – likewise with card distribution details.

Please notice our Monitor feature can update results and information automatically as an easy alternative to present results

We recommend to use several tabs in the browser for a fast change among the different views – use the right mouse button in the browser while clicking on a link and select open in a new tab (generic description – depends of the browser name and version)

Results presentations – principles and icons – Pairs:

Select ”Results” in the main menu


Select the relevant tournament from the list with a click. Notice the read bar

result_pair2  It illustrate that if you played in this particular tournament.

Notice the upper left corner – a counter result_pair4 to show when the results was last updated.

result_pair7Notice the little triangle – you can sort the columns by a click (sort up or down click the correct triangle)

As a principle the red color also illustrate a selection.

Please see the example below – session is selected at the left and sections as a tab

You can select among round, boards and pairs with buttons like shown below – or use the arrows as shown.


Results presentations – principles and icons – Pairs:

Session results example – see below

Rounds results example – click the number above the results to change round – see below

Pairs results example – click the number above the pair results to change pair – see below

You can click the curve to see further details    result_pair13

Pairs results example – click the result_pair14 to show further details including card by card information as shown below – click result_pair14 again to close


The dotted line around a card shows it was the lead – yellow shows the wining card. Above – first hand 4 of diamonds opened and the Queen of diamonds won.


You can see different versions of card by card information – red as shown below illustrate a claim. If no card by card information is show – one of the players shuffled.

All boards results example – click the number above the results to change board – see below

If you wants to see or show where each pair have or should sit at each round start you have this information below (names removed by purpose).