How to handle if no Internet or No Wi-fi

The tablet will show the following picture if no internet or no Wi-Fi connection is available (please notice not the same issue – see below)


Please check the Wi-Fi connection first – check the Wi-Fi access point first as the access point normally shows if there is an internet connection.

Bridge+More will halt the game until internet connection is back – it might re-deal the last hand on some dealers just to make sure everything is OK (depending on the actions on each and every dealer when internet was lost)

Session Management will show – at “Live” as the following picture shows – if there is no internet or no Wi-Fi connection

Look for any errors at the right part of the screen – the picture is for illustration only as the shown outcome is not logical possible (constructed for the illustration)


First line illustrates if there is no connection between tablet and dealer via Bluetooth – but the tablet is connected to the Wi-Fi = Wi-Fi working but no Internet.

Second line – everything is OK – the internet is OK (and then also Wi-Fi)

Third line – no Wi-Fi or no internet and as a result nothing shown.