How to get the Bridge+More app for my own phone or tablet?


You can download the latest Bridge+More app version by searching on the home page (HOME) and enter the search term “download”

Install our app on your Android device

Then you need to find our app on your Android device – as illustrated below our app’s icon looks like our dealer

Then you need to provide us with the DeviceID number (shown on the front / main menu of our app)

Please notice before you can use your Bridge+More solution we need to register your tablets/phones

  • please send us one or several DeviceID’s

After we have received your DeviceID we will set up your Bridge+More club for you and send you login and First Use details 

  • The club will have the name shown on the Invoice (Can be changed with a click)
  • The clubs’ administrator will be your name and email (as used in our latest mail correspondence). If you want more administrators, please send us their names and emails (and relevant federation numbers). Players will be added to your club when they play automatically.

Further Details:

Please see the above link or see here for details about DeviceID as well as the other information we provide on the main menu page of our app – here

We have several other apps for information and easy use of our websites – and also have a number of apps we recommend you install

We also have some guidelines and pictures for background and lock screen

See more here –

At the above URL, you can also find the links to download all files and apps – as a link to the Dropbox folder (not the latest app as we have not made it public yet