How to get your information transferred to the new version of the Bridge+More app

Download our New App.

  1. Go directly to a provider’s app store to download our app from their store. Click here to download our Bridge+More App.
  2. On the provider’s store – simply search for bridgeplusmore or Bridge+More.

    Please notice Google, Apple and Huawei require you are registered to download and registered to be kept notified – especially when our apps are updated. You can also as usual download from this site – click here.

    Please note-Before you install our App, you can read the instructions from each provider here (we have added videos to guide you on how to register, download, and install for each provider).

**Once you have downloaded our App, Register your information and Sign up, We will create your account and send you, your Login details. **

To access to our server.

  1. Go to your regular browser (google chrome, firefox, etc).
  2. Depending on your location, go to our server.
  1. With your Login details access to our server and start enjoying the unique Bridge+More game features.