How to add your own card distribution / hand records :

Please notice the import of your own card distribution is done at the Session menu – see here.

You need to consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a file / files with the card distribution saved on your computer / memory stick?
  • Do you know the type of file / files you have (for example BRI / DUP) ?
  • When and who should load the card distributions – if you play in the tournament consider to wait importing just before the game start (before you load cards into the dealers)
  • Are you using several sections – do you want different card distributions per section ?
  • Are you using several sessions – do you want to load card distributions per session at the same time?

When you create the tournament / game please select Random as illustrated below. By using Random you ensure the tournament have card distributions – and you can at a time convenient for you overwrite the random card distributions with the imported card distributions.

You select Random card distributions as illustrated below

After you have created the tournament select it (click on the name) and press the Session area as illustrated below:

Click the “Import” button, select source file type and press “Next” –  on the following screen you will have to select the relevant file on your computer and then press “Finish” to import

Notice the requirement for the minimum number of boards (controlled by the tournament you have created) – if you import leas card distributions than boards in the tournament the remaining originally created boards will be used for those missing.