Question: How to install the Bridge+More Android App on your tablet or phone?


You can use any Android tablet / phone that has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or internet and has Android 4.4.2 as your bridge tablet. We support the most common screen resolutions

You can download the latest app version at “” and write “download” in the search area or you use the versions and it will automatically update to the latest version

You need to provide us with the DeviceID number shown on the Bridge+More app’s front menu before you can use the solution – please see here for details about DeviceID as well as the other information we provide on the main menu page of our app.

We have several other apps for information and for the easy use of our websites – and also have a number of apps we recommend you install

We also have some guidelines and pictures for the background and the lock screen.

See the above two items please see here. At this link you can – if you click the links shown at the bottom on that page – download all relevant files and apps via a link to the Dropbox folder

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