How do I give a player access to see his / her result ?


Please notice you have the option to show result without login are required by using a public link. Using a public link shows results during and after a tournament (please notice public result are limited to comply with GDPR regulation requirements). You can also use the public monitor function to show real time information during the game

If you want to give a user a standard login to be able to see results the user needs to be registered a a user (once) in Bridge+More’s database. See here how.

Notice you can enter a text / name and register the user later. If you want we can add the member to your club – see here how.

All players who have a registration to a federation, another club, etc. and you select as a player – and who play – will become a standard member in your club. They can see their game details after login but might have to select club in the upper right corner.