Session Management:

Session Management is a real time overview over dealers, tablets and the game.

Below is an example with two dealers – both are ready. Status on batteries (97% tablet and 99.9% Dealer at table 1) and game status is shown including information and errors – At table 2 for example cards are ready to be taken (info 6).


If you click at a line in the above overview you will see several technical details

Information and errors:

General errors:

Info at the tablet: “Error connecting to game” = No internet.

Please check the Wi-Fi connection

You can see several information for each table’s status

The list is:

  • Table number
  • Round
  • Board status
  • The two pairs playing at the table
  • Tablet battery status
  • Connection status
  • Dealer battery status
  • Dealer status
  • Dealer information / error


Error codes will (can) be show both on the tablet, on the dealer and in session management

In Session Management look for the errors at the right part of the screen – for example as shown here


At the tablet you will (often but not always) we show the error code at the lower part of the screen – for example


If you click as shown you will find an instruction – for example