Managing a tournament:

(Session Management – see below)

Select a tournament by clicking ”Manage” – and wait for next screen


Information on the screen:

At left you can see main information – primarily for information and for support


If you want to see card distribution for each board shown before it has been played and result at a table before all tables have played it enter and X here


With a tick (results / cards shown) it should look as shown above


Session Breaks – Breaks / table change after a round

When you have activated the tournament it looks as follows


When you want the tournament to start (get first deck out) enter first tick and wait 5 – 10 seconds – cards should be ejected on all dealers at the same time


You will have to repeat the ejection of cards manually after each round


Or simple have the cards ejected when ready


Reading Break please notice the following:

If you have a selected as shown below – because the players handle breaks and round table changes – then when board 9 have been played end inserted board 10 will be ejected (first board in round 2). This might be relevant with a low number of tables.


If you have a selected as shown below – because the Tournament director / club manager handles breaks and wants the cards to come out only when he/she decides.


Session Management:

Session Management is a real time overview over dealers, tablets and the game.

Below is an example with two dealers – both are ready. Status on batteries (97% tablet and 99.9% Dealer at table 1) and game status is shown including information and errors – At table 2 for example cards are ready to be taken (info 6).


If you click at a line in the above overview you will see several technical details -please see the Session Management