1.03 Our card handling principles

Use of cards – The Bridge+More only uses two decks of cards. While playing with one deck the next is being dealt (for example – while playing board 2 board 3 is being dealt)
While dealing we also read the card by card history

1.04 Our development principles

We offer a solution that is continuously upgraded, improved and we continuously add new bridge features – and if you have suggestions or comments please email us …

1.02 Game flow and play principles

Principles Game Flow – A tournament is set up via a browser access to the B+M cloud based server. Players are also selected via a browser access to the B+M cloud based server or at the tablet before the game start (or during the game). How to set up the Tournament and the Players please see ” Guide Handling and Playing a tournament”. When a Tournament have been created  the tournament must be selected on the tablet. How to set up the tablet and B+M Dealer and select a tournament please see ” Guide to Handling and playing on the tablet”

Principles – Playing. The tablet receives the game instructions and sends the card dealing information to the B+M Dealer.

1.01 Our Technology Principles

The Bridge+More solution is a “Internet connected device” / “Internet of things – IoT” and use the following technologies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and …