How to add an Administrative User

How to add an Administrator user – You can’t – simply send us an email with the user’s details for us to give the administrator all the benefits.

How to control of the start of the game (and start of a round)

How to control of the start control of the start of the game:
For example when you want to prepare everything but want to control when cards are ejected at first, all or specific rounds or if you have created a tournament and no cards are ejected – read here how to eject and follow the links to learn how to select the correct eject option for your game

3.0 Create a bridge game

Click on this box to learn how to create your first game on the tablet in just a few clicks. Easy and simple to manage.

5.0 Game results

Click on the box to learn how to read and manage your results on the tablet during and after playing Bridge+More game

5.0 Show the students the played teaching set

Click here to see how to use your Teaching Set after creating it on the Just turn on your devices and choose your Teaching Set on the tablet when your students are ready to play.

How to use BWS delayed linking

We have made it possible to create the tournament in Bridge+More and the add the BWS file afterwards when you are sure you know the exact details of the tournament – for example, after having used the high degree of flexibility in the Bridge+More solution

How to install the Bridge+More Android App on your tablet or phone?

You can use any Android tablet / phone that has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or internet and has Android 4.4.2. We support the most common screen resolutions

Specifications – Bridge+More Solution’s Premium Dealers specifications and weight ?

The Bridge+More Solution’s Premium Dealers specifications and weight.