How to calibrate the Bridge+more dealer?


When do you need a calibration – if you experience an increasing number of card read errors or for example if the dealer read red cards better than blue cards.

Please – before you start a calibration please control that the dealer does not have dirt in the UV readers. Please blow gently to remove any dirt or remove with a rubber blower. Please do not use a sharp device or anything than can harm the UV readers or transmitters.

You can read more here – How to check the dealer’s UV readers for dirt?

Please contact us first on for the Password if you need to do a calibration.

When you have the password please connect the tablet and dealer as normal

  • Please make sure the dealer have more than 50% battery else charge the dealer first (if you need to know how to see the battery level you can see illustration below – this dealer shows a 94.2 % battery level. The other ways to see battery level – see here – How to see if the dealer is charging ?

and when ready click the current dealer’s name “B+M XXXX”

and select “Calibration (Password protected)” on the menu shown.

Please arrange a deck of cards like shown below, starting from the bottom:

Spades Ace to King, clubs Ace to King, hearts Ace to King, diamonds Ace to King.

After you have clicked “Calibration” on the menu and entered the password provided then insert the correctly sorted cards, close the dealer’s lid and let the dealer deal the deck. If the dealer does not start open the lid again and close the lid again.

If calibration have been successful it the dealer will return Error code 57 as illustrated below. Please do not worry about the Red Error LED flashing.

After the dealer have finished the cards are ejected.

If calibration fails the return Error code on the dealer’s display is 56. Please try several times if failed before you contact us.